Action Items We Have His Back

The 2016 Presidential Election was a "movement" away from business as usual within the Federal Government and toward uplifting the hardworking people of America. It was no surprise that entrenched bureaucrats recoiled in shock, and raised their angry fists in the worst kind of antagonism. The so called opposition leaders, who are a subculture of the criminal Babylonian cabal, have resorted to lies, distortions and conspiracies as their daily game plan in clusion with the sham called the mainstream media.

Unrepentant bureaucrats are deeply rooted in symbiotic relationships without regard to the common good. Whether they call themselves liberals, conservative, republicans or democrats, they are at best self-centered political ideologues, and at worst stealth bigots. Pray for an awakening. Notwithstanding, thank God for a pragmatic businessman, who is not blinded by distortions of ideology, and who straightforwardly address issues with common sense.

So, the campaign slogan, "Drain the Swamp," has now become an imperative to the future of the nation. The collective negativity of the swamp can be overcome by a greater spirit of good. Demonstrating support by a postcard, poster or webpage icon is encouragement to President Trump, adding to his strength and our resolve.

I believe there is hope in the goodness of the American people. Congress is already showing cracks in the wall of obstruction. Maybe the relic political dinosaurs will embarrass themselves into oblivion. A leader of men, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, is moving away from party politics and demonstrating true representation of the people. Others are being called to leave their caucuses, coalitions and political clicks to form a great "Alliance for America."

There is something far worse!

Scribed by Leonard Heatherly
March 2017