A Very Serious Matter About the Future of America

Help Drain the Swamp

The whole of the Washington DC establishment and the lowland outposts are a quagmire, conflicting with the values that made our nation great. Congressional obstructionists, the worst of the swamp's infestations, are fiendish and are groundlessly opposing everything the President is doing for the people. So, the hot slogan of the campaign, "Drain the Swamp," has now become an imperative for the future of the nation.

The heart of America is no longer so easily fooled by false labels and narratives that disguise the true intent of the sheep-skinned wolves of the media and political hacks within all parties. However, as if the corruption and disregard for the welfare of the people were not serious enough, there is worse! Banksters, greedy corporations and power mongers are deceiving and robbing the people. Moreover, while politicians, bureaucrats and over-privileged elites have obsessed in their notions, a cabal has been viciously assaulting America. This wicked league of unrighteousness is destroying the finances, peace and morality of the United States.

You may help yourself, the President and the nation in a light, simple way to start the process. "www.Drain-the-Swamp.website" provides creative ways to initially show your support for President Trump. This includes disappearing image T-shirts, bold postcards, a tiny bumper sticker, unique posters and icons that makes a statement to the public and media.

The corresponding "why.Drain-the-Swamp.website" goes deeper into the specifics of the Cabal and its activities. About 99.9% of Americans are not aware of these nefarious assaults. The "why" website goes further to suggest counter attacks that the President is apt to make - like replacing our worthless fiat dollars (FED notes) with gold-backed Treasury bills to prevent a financial tsunami. Being aware of this action, the timing and positioning would be most valuable.

Americans need to be informed; how many do you know personally? A light but clear statement (poster, bumper sticker, etc.) is a start. Perhaps, you would like to send others this invitation to help drain the swamp.

"You are a part of the solution,
or you are part of the problem."

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