It was in Mid-October 2016, that candidate Donald Trump said at a rally in New Hampshire, "If we win on November 8th, we are going to Washington, D.C. ...we are going to drain the swamp." The candidate knew he was facing both corruption within the government and its unscrupulous outside influences.

The whole of the Washington DC establishment and the lowland outposts are a quagmire, conflicting with the values that made our nation great. Congressional obstructionists, the worst of the swamp's infestations, are fiendish and are groundlessly opposing everything the President is doing for the people. So, the hot slogan of the campaign has now become an imperative for the future of the nation.

Therefore to make America great again, President Donald Trump must lead our nation in draining the swamp, and "we the people" can help!

It's not a show. It's a fight!

Hope for the Nation

The foundation rest upon the truth that we overcome evil with good. President Trump and his mighty Cabinet are equipped to do the heavy lifting. We, on the other hand, are to do what we can to expose the evil, and demonstrate our support. The power of this movement translates into energy in President Trump and those who work with him. Is this not reason enought to boldly show our support?

The swamp of corruption is strong, but it can be overcome. Demonstration of our support encourages President Trump, and an expression in a belief in greater things are yet to come!

Postcard to President: The collective negativity of the swamp can be overcome by a greater spirit of good. Just a simple act of mailing a postcard of encouragement to President Trump, adds to his strength and our resolve...

We ARE the People

We have his BACK

Why Drain the Swamp? If the corruption and disregard for the welfare of the people were not serious enough: While politicians, bureaucrats and privileged elites have obsessed in their agendas, a cabal has viciously assaulted America.


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